Hetalia Cosplayers in Ontario, Canada

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#1 JettTheKing on 5 years ago

I'm looking for Hetalia Cosplayers in Ontario, Canada. Preferably around the Greater Toronto Area or Northumberland county, the latter is prefered.

See, where I live there isn't really any Hetalians around. Its not a big sort of thing

But I'm determined to find a person or two, because I want to cosplay with someone else. And celebrate a Hetalia Day, y'know all that good fun stuff.

So, if you are in the GTA or Northumberland county hit me up?

Please reply with who you cosplay and your city location and maybe we can work something out?

Also, I plan on cosplaying as Iceland and I live in Cobourg.

#2 Azora Natashi on 4 years ago

There is a group in the GTA actually. They do events and meet ups sometimes, their facebook is 'Hetalia in the GTA'.

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