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#1 neo_shadow_bat on 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I am spreading the word about a project called Cosplay Prints of Me. Jessie and Courtney of Undiscovered Photography are creating a website to allow cosplayers and photographers to be able to sell prints at no risk or obligated cost to themselves.

They are offering 1 month premium membership to this site when it launches to those who will post about their Indiegogo campaign on their facebook "like" page. Once shared send Undiscovered Photography ([url][/url]) a screen cap o the share and the 1 month is yours when the website goes live.

Their site and goals will include:

Developing a website using the crowd funding website, Indiegogo, to allow Cosplayers and Cosplay photographers of all levels to sell up to 3 cosplay prints at a time with no up front cost

Removing the need to manage shipping and overheads

Allowing cosplayers and photographers to collaborate and profit together

Providing contracts for photo sessions and print sales

Removing the risk and cost of an unsuccessful print run

Monthly fees of 5 dollars allows for vanity Url and customization as well as a featured section on the page

The print is paid for when the print is sold, generating the revenue for the cosplayer and the cosplay photographer

Will offer a system where the profit from a print sold can be split between the cosplayer and the photographer automatically (where pre-arranged)

Free accounts will receive 3 prints they can sell at any given time and can be changed once a month

Pay outs on each print sold or bank your money for a larger pay out.

Complete social media integration allowing immediate sharing

Reporting system to protect from image theft

If you have any questions I highly recommend that you visit this website or contact Jessie or Courtney at Undiscovered Photography [url][/url]

Undiscovered Photography: [url][/url]