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#1 paolo65 on 4 years ago

Good Morning!
Can you give me a list of upcoming cosplay events in Tokyo, Japan on August-November 2014?
As well as an English Guide to Comic Market for those who will be going there for the first time?
Just aiming for official anime merchandises and cosplay there.
And what season is on August till November 2014, will it be hot?

#2 moonlit-sky on 4 years ago


I'm not too sure of the events happening between August to November. The major ones are probably Comiket and Tokyo Game Show. There's also Tonari Cos (better known as TFT event due to location).

Comiket and Tonari Cos both happen on the same weekend, August 15th to 17th, at Odaiba. Comiket at Tokyo Big Sight and Tonari Cos at Tokyo Fashion Town (TFT), which happens to be right next door to Big Sight.

Here's an English guide for Comiket.

Cosplayer's guide to Japanese events

Tokyo Game Show happens at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, in September. Not sure if it falls within your travel radius. It's about an hour's train ride from Tokyo station.

[URL="http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2014/exhibition/english/"]TGS2014 homepage[/URL] <- page is still fresh, but dates are confirmed.

You can refer to this for TGS general cosplay guidelines.

Weather wise.

August til Mid September (I think?) is Summer. YES, IT WILL BE HOT! I live in Singapore and find Japan's Summer hot!

November would be late Fall, I guess :/

Remember to wear sunscreen out, the UV rays are harsh there.

#3 sooyong on 4 years ago

There's plenty of events, but not many major ones known to everyone.

The World Cosplay Summit competition for this year is on August 2nd. They haven't posted any info about cosplay other than the contest date though, and I've never been there so I don't know what the schedule is or the process for participation. I did check a Japanese cosplayer SNS and there's a significant amount of estimated attendees though.