Sakizo and buying from Alice Books what shipping costs to expect?

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#1 SleepingDragon on 5 years ago

Given that I have found most of Sakizo images from Lolita sites, I thought this would be a good place to start. And every post I found was from a Lolita site and recommended to buy her art books from the Alice Books site in Japan, that ships internationally. link as follows. [url][/url] I was hoping to find someone who has purchased from the site and could give me an ideal of what the EMS shipping costs are. I have no clue how much a single art books weighs and quite frankly it concerns me how quickly the weight/cost adds up if you purchases multiple items. AND AGAIN I have no clue what the art books weigh. Even if you purchased the books from else where and know how much it weighs it would be a big help.

Thank you to anyone who responds.

#2 Anaira on 5 years ago

I own a few of her art books and bought them all through Alice Books. My first order was shipped by EMS because of weight (I had 3 Sakizo books and two small other books). The total shipping for that order was around $35 (taking $1 = 100円). The second order I placed had only two books and was shipped by what they call international mail service, which I think is their standard international shipping. The shipping cost for that was around $15. All of these were ordered awhile ago so I can't remember how long the shipping took, but hope this helps!