Bringing Wigs to sell at Conji 2014

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#1 Sarabellum8793 on 5 years ago

Hey everyone I'm doing some pre-spring cleaning and I realized I have quite a few wigs I never wear/use so I figure I might as well try to sell them and give these good wigs a home.
The wigs I am listing are ALL from Japan (Assist Cosplay Japan). They're my FAV brand (but i've bought more than I can wear/afford, so thats why I'm selling them). The quality is SUPER good and these wigs are meant for gravity defying styles, so I recommend them highly.
Each wig comes in the bag/net that I received when I purchased it and a hair net.
In total I have 6 wigs I'm trying to sell.
1 short styled brown
1 short black with bangs
1 short fire red with bangs
1 short purple with bangs
1 shoulder length grey (straight)
1 past shoulder reddish brown (curly)

I cant seem to post pics on this so message me and i'll be more than happy to send you pics.
Each wig starts at $30 obo
If you live in the SD area I can give it to you before the con or at the con for those who are traveling. Thanks!