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#1 Kazumayuuki on 5 years ago

AMA hotel group for AMA 2014

Hotel Name: Red Roof Inn Chesapeake Conference Center

Hotel Address: 724 Woodlake Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 US

Check In: 06/13/14
Check Out: 06/15/14

Total: $185.00

Please show up Thursday night of the convention.

Total cost of room is already been paid by me and here are the prices per person if any wish to join.

1 people: $92.50
2 people: $62.00 current people
3 people: $46.25
4 people: $37.00
5 people: $31.00

No more then five people which is what I'm aiming for. One girl was already paid and claimed a bed and I have a campers cot. The other bed is up for grabs for couples or girls that don't mind sleeping in the same bed

Since this is my room I make the rules. If you break these rules you will be asked to leave and your money will not be refunded.

Must pay money in advance before convention. Pay via western union, paypal or money order.
Please PM me for details of you to send money to.

I will not accept people showing up with cash unless it's an emergency like you lost your hotel or got kicked out, or your own group bailed on you. I'm not heartless and well let you stay for a reduced fee then normal

Please pay before June 1, 2014 to cement your spot in the room or your spot in the room is forfeit.

#2 -ouji- on 5 years ago


#3 Kazumayuuki on 5 years ago

Received and replied

#4 Kazumayuuki on 5 years ago

This room is now full. No one else need apply.