Cyclops X-Men 90's Costume

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#1 DerangedBlue on 4 years ago

Hey all, I need help with a few things that have been bugging me on this costume. Some of these are easy questions that are probably in stickies, so if so I apologize, and I'd appreciate it if you link me to those threads.

This is the costume I'm trying to make:


I am starting with a Lyrca suit (probably a MorphSuit because they're inexpensive) of which I have cut out the top of the head. I will have to trim the zipper (since it goes over the cap of the head), and hem the top. Then I am going to cut out the face. I need to get the "cowl" in the back to cover my neck and ears up to my hairline. I initially tried to leave a headband of space over my eyes that keeps it taught. I tried this, it looked horrible because the visor didn't completely cover it, and if you look at the picture there is no blue fabric over his face at all. These are all the other ways I can think to do it, and I'm not sure which way to try.

1) Make the hood detachable, and permanently affix it to the visor so it hangs down. I'm not keen on this because (a) the visor is being made out of resin and I'm not sure how that is going to be worn yet, either with headphone clips behind the ears or with elastic. And (b) it creates a line around the neck where the hood meets the lycra suit, and that looks tacky.

2) Find a way to get the cowl to permanently stick up, such as sewing interfacing or hard plastic on the inside, or starching the heck out of it. I'm concerned this will effect the washability of the suit.

3) Use something like wig lace tape to make it stick to the back of my head. I don't know if that will work very well on my hair, so I could use the tape around the ears and neck. Worried it might "droop" in the back.

So that's my first problem, the other problems aren't very big in comparison.

1) Boots - I purchased some rain boots and I was just going to make yellow boot covers for them, but I'm a size 13 and in order to get a foot that was a big enough size, the area around the calf is just way too loose when worn over the Lycra. I could still go this route and pad the inside with upholstery foam to make it fit. Would making a separate boot cover to just slip over the Lycra look okay? In the reference photos he clearly has distinct boots, I want it to look as accurate as possible.

2) I can't figure out what to use for the Y-shaped straps to go over his chest and shoulders. My thought was to just wrap yellow fabric over plain leather belts, or maybe over one half of suspenders (so I can clip it to the yellow underpants). Also, need to make a shoulder pad, or modify one off an old backback our laptop bag. Other thoughts? Also considered things like guitar straps and tow straps but I'm not sure.

Again, any help you can through my way is greatly appreciated. This is basically my "dream costume" and I've been putting it off for several years. Finally wrangled up the courage to resin a Pepakura visor, and I want the rest of the suit to look just as nice. Thanks!