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#1 BL2W on 4 years ago

I don't see the usual sticky for this thread, so might as well start one--and with a video of my own as well!

I am just extremely happy with how this cosplay music video turned out, and those who have seen it so far seem to be enjoying it, too. Please take a look!


#2 esw01407 on 4 years ago

Here are my pictures on our Anime Clubs (BUMAC) website.

[url=""]Eric Set A[/url] - 74 pictures

We also posted the images on our [url=""]Facebook Page[/url] if people want to comment or tag themselves.

#3 dragonmastr on 4 years ago

I submitted a photos/video post a few days ago but it doesn't look like a moderator has gotten around to approve it yet as I don't see it. Anyways, I also posted these links to Anime USA's Facebook page a few days ago:

Hall Cosplay photos:

Kill la Kill Photoshoot:

Cosplay Masquerade contest:

And I posted a few videos to my Youtube channel including Johnny Yong Bosch's musical Q&A panel, one skit from the Masquerade, the hula hoop contest from the Masquerade half-time show, and the final song/dance routine by the My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe during the Masquerade half-time show:

#4 Blitzkrieg1701 on 4 years ago

[URL=""]Conventional Wisdom's 2014 Anime USA comics are now online[/URL]!

(oh, and to whom it may concern, I do have a modest number of convention pictures [URL=""]over on the tumblrs[/URL] and [URL=""]Facebook[/URL] as well)