space-saving pocket tripod

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#1 Skyzhema on 4 years ago

Name of Product: Space-Saving Pocket Tripod
Where Purchased: Your local walmart, hardware store, modelling store, Tarzan's jungle

Price: Under 10$

Product Description (How to make):
-Take the mounting head plate off a real tripod. Just the flat part that screws into the camera. Make sure it has a loop of some sort on the bottom to tie things to.
-Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, take a piece of string and run if under both feet and up to camera-holding height. Cut, leaving an inch to spare. Do not tie the ends together.
-Put one end of the string through the loop on the camera screw plate. Tie both ends of string securely together.

To use:
-Attach camera to screw plate.
-Put both feet in loop, spreading them shoulder-width apart.
-Revel in the fact that you fit a tripod in your pocket.

-can be put in your pocket
-easy to make
-works like the real thing.

-user-specific-not a OSFA option
-durability is material-dependent
-Tripod can become a knotted lump of anger

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent): 8
-Steady photos
-Durability fluctuates

Used this at a recent con after seeing it online. Works beautifully so long as the string doesn't tangle or break.