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#1 Macphot on 3 years ago

How long does it take the mods to authorise a post? I made one quite a few days ago and it still has not appeared

#2 Macphot on 3 years ago

Although this appears straight away WTF?

#3 Admin on 3 years ago

Usually once or twice per day, and not all new user posts get stuck in the spam filter. I checked your post log and don't see anything waiting to be approved though.

#4 Macphot on 3 years ago

Ok, cheers. I've just re-submitted a post for 'other costumes'

#5 Sandbagger on 3 years ago

I've lost a couple too.
Still waiting for posts to be approved by a moderator even though I've been active for days.

#6 Sandbagger on 3 years ago

Posted just a couple of minutes before the post above, (Introductions) and got a message that my post would have to be approved. Posted the message above and it got through instantly.

#7 Admin on 3 years ago

It's keyword-based, so not all posts are affected. Once you're past 10 posts it doesn't apply anymore, so you're fine moving forward.

#8 paakallokiitaja on 3 years ago

I have been waiting for few days my topic to be posted on the forum. (I asked about Mikaela hyakuya cosplay) I know I shouldn't be so impatient but... I'm worried my posts have disappeared.

#9 Admin on 3 years ago

They're approved now.

#10 Cousin_Fluffy on 3 years ago

Howdy, posted a topic in General Construction yesterday, just want to make sure I didn't post in the wrong place.


#11 FaustPrime on 3 years ago

I've had a couple of posts get hung up in moderator queue though I'm past 10 posts. Admin, can you review?

#12 JLS Comics on 3 years ago

I was wondering about this lol thank you! :juggler: