Photographer available for private shoots!

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#1 Kynessent on 3 years ago

Hello there! I'm a cosplay photographer offering private photoshoots for AnimeUSA 2015!

You can view samples of my most recent work here:

My photoshoot rates and all other additional information are listed at the top of the sign-ups form I've linked to below.
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to comment below or contact me via private message or email ([email protected]).



Thanks! I look forward to possibly working with you! :D

#2 DespairedPheonix on 3 years ago

I'm waiting on 2 other members of my sailor moon group to get back to me. I really like your work so I hope to work with you :3

#3 Kynessent on 3 years ago

I have plenty of time still free during the con and I'd love to book some more private shoots! I'm hoping maybe some cosplayers out there are still looking for a photographer last minute??~ Follow the links in my above post for more details if you're interested in working with me!!~~