Help! Lost my camera at FanExpo'14!

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#1 djsequence on 4 years ago

I was visiting FanExpo this weekend and I had an amazing time! Unfortunately, I lost my camera while in the huge crowds on Sunday... I took so many pictures and made new friends and I'm really sad I won't have those memories anymore...
If anyone happened to pick it up I would be VERY thankful to have it back. Its a blue Sony camera and it was in a black pouch. Last place I had it was in the North building.

To be honest I wasn't going to post about this at first, but I'm kind of desperate to get these pictures back. Among the photos on the camera were some of me wearing my Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite cosplays. I spent a lot of time on these cosplays, but all my photos were on that camera...
[B]If anyone has any info, please let me know or message me!
I'm willing to give a reward if the pictures are still on it![/B]

#2 KainNero on 4 years ago

Hey someone posted on Fanexpo's facebook page that they found a camera. It might be yours.