Can i post photos from photoshoots in my profile?

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#1 axelthefox on 3 years ago

Cause i have some photos from a furry con with me in my fursuit,but it's from a photographer and was wondering about if i can post the pics or not.

#2 ilafatyu on 3 years ago

IIRC there's a field for photographer's account number in the upload thing. If not, crediting them in the picture description is fine. This website doesn't keep track of who's credited their photographers and who hasn't.

If you're in doubt, contact the photographer and see if they'll let you upload the picture with credit. Usually they're fine with it as long as you link back to them.

#3 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

I always make sure the photographer allows me to post them. I make sure that any photo taken of me by a private photographer is allowed to be put up before I even hire them. But either way make sure, because the photo's are their copyright as the one who took the photos. Anyway, if you already know they don't mind, then yes, you can for sure post them. If you couldn't, the only way to even have photos on here would be selfies, and that'd be a lame cosplay site to say the least.