RWBY photoshoot w/ Monty Oum Tribute?

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#1 AnotherBCISGuy on 4 years ago

I am sure a decent amount of people have heard the disheartening news of Monty Oum's passing recently. He was a man known for his talent, friendliness, and great gifts that were able to inspire and move us. He will be greatly missed but hopefully his family and friends will be able to find comfort in his memory and the joy that it still brings to us even now.

I would then like to propose that this year's RWBY photoshoot attempt to pay homage to his great work. I will be attending as Jaune Arc, no other plans regarding other characters as of yet. I will go ahead and leave a link to the facebook event page I have started as well for anyone who is interested.

Feel free to suggest any tasteful ways we might honor him for his time spent with us and how we can preserve and further his memory through his great creations like RWBY.

Facebook Event page: [url][/url]

#2 Shadarkness on 4 years ago

Yeah, it saddened many people, and like many people, he was my inspiration.

But I do like your idea, as I am planning on cosplaying as Lie Ren as part of my tribute for Monty. Since I'm having main focus on Ren, I should finish him way before A-Kon. :3


#3 AnotherBCISGuy on 4 years ago

Awesome! Great to hear that we will have a Lie Ren attending, Arceus2072 :) Looking forward to the convention and seeing you there. Still trying to think of special and unique things we could do at the photoshoot.

#4 Shadarkness on 4 years ago

Thank you! But please, just call me Silver. :) I have some more RWBY friends that I can try to convince on going to the event, including a Male!Nora, Sun Wukong, and others. I'm sure we'll think up something in time for the con, but I guess like reenacting funny scenarios in RWBY? That usually works with other photoshoots from other series' too.


#5 AnotherBCISGuy on 4 years ago

So it looks like someone went and made a photoshoot after this one was created, probably didn't notice it. It however has quite a bit more activity going on as well as more people notioning they will attend. As such I figure the best course of action would be to "close" this one down so to speak and redirect traffic towards it. Thank you to those that showed an interest thus far and below will be a link to the photoshoot: