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#1 schmemy on 4 years ago

I figured I'd start this thread, since I've already seen some Wirt cosplays, and I'm already planning to be Beatrice in a couple of groups with friends. :)

This mini series is so beautiful and well-written and I love it so much! I'm really excited about my future groups. Is anyone else planning an Over the Garden Wall cosplay?

#2 Ramothhe-chan on 4 years ago

Yes, we have Wirt and Greg that will be going to Katsucon 2015, and maybe a Woodsman, looking for more!

#3 DragonFactory on 4 years ago

I'm planning to do a genderbent Wirt, but I don't actually know how to do the cape.

#4 schmemy on 4 years ago

I made [URL="http://instagram.com/p/v7s9ebnX-F/"]some progress[/URL] on Beatrice today! It's coming together a lot easier than I had been expecting it to.

#5 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

I'm thinking about doing Beatrice to match my[URL="http://princessbrigade.tumblr.com/post/104085136863/godsavethekeen-godsavethekeen-as-autumn"] good buddy's Wirt[/URL]!

If all goes as planned, we'll have a bunch of people for Katsu: Wirt, Greg, Beatrice, Langtree, and the pumpkin leader of Pottsfield!

#6 schmemy on 4 years ago

I'm ssssooo close to finishing Beatrice. All I have left to do is redye the lace trim, add it onto the overskirt edges and bodice, and finish the sash. Here is my finished wig, and the near-finished dress!


#7 lillypop1700 on 4 years ago

I am currently purchasing everything for my Wirt cosplay, one of my good friends decided to make his cape for me cause she was making her own version too, gonna possibly show it off at Denver Comic Con 2015 in May

#8 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

Had a massive sweatshopping day yesterday-- did all of Beatrice's dress, as well as the wig!



Will I be seeing any of you guys at Katsucon?

#9 BloodRose99 on 3 years ago

Sorry if this counts as reviving a dead thread, but I just had to say you guys look great.
My 2 little brothers and myself are going to a convention this Saturday, as Wirt, Greg and Beatrice ^_^

I'll post some pics later :p

#10 Tisheriffic on 3 years ago

Going to do Sara from the show, both casual and her clown outfit with my friends as Wirt and Greg for ALA in January. Hopefully another one might join as Jason Funderberker. I love this show so much, its my favorite animated series as of late. Very excited for my group. :D

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