First Time Attending - Looking for LOK Cosplay Partner

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#1 StarGurl44 on 3 years ago

Hello, I will be cosplaying for the first time soon as Earth Nation Korra and I am looking for a cosplay partner. I would love an Asami, Kuvira, or a Mako because I have a lot of ideas for some modern day cosplay. While I do have more ideas for Korrasami modern cosplay, I am open really to any pairing with Korra in it. I would prefer someone in my age group: 20-25.

I am planning on attending Nekcon for the first time this year (its also my first convention in general; here's hoping my schedule works out) and I would love someone to go with or cosplay with me at the event.

Comment here or message me! Thanks!

#2 Ridley91 on 3 years ago

Do you have someplace to stay? Me and two other friends 1 girl 1 guy are going and we have a room at the embassy we would love to coordinate cosplay as well ages 24(me) 22(girl) 20(guy)