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#1 PhotoFactoryM on 4 years ago


#2 fam-cosplayphotographer on 4 years ago

composites are fun good job. Since its posted in the critique section you can see the background art was drawn with a heavy camera right golden hour type of light and the subject you shot doesnt match in terms of lighting.

#3 nathancarter on 4 years ago

That was also my opinion.

The color grading and toning are a nice match. The perspective of the subject's feet on the background is pretty close, and that's something that's hard to get right.

However, there's a huge difference in the lighting between the subject and the background. In the background, there's a strong main light (setting sun) coming from frame-right, and there's not much in the way of fill or accent lighting. The direction, fill ratio, and floor shadows from Loki don't match that look at all.

#4 PhotoFactoryM on 4 years ago

Thanks guys! Yes I knew it was and I usually shoot or get the background first then setup the lighting for the shoot but this was shot basically as a photo booth at Bioware @ Magic City Con people lined up out the door so I lit them all with right and left lighting as well as a fill light and had to live with it......
You right though its a key to selling the composites!

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