Ghost in The Shell Cosplay/Cant find the right Fabric..

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#1 canny on 2 years ago

Hey guys. I'm planning out my cosplay for Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in The Shell. I've been trying so hard to find the right color for her stockings/bodice. The internet hasn't been much help so far and I feel like fabric shops around me wouldn't have anything more to offer. I'm going to list some references below. The first one is pretty much exactly what I would like my fabric to look like. The rest are photos of the character for color reference.
Also, I'm not super proficient in stretch fabrics yet. If you have a suggestion on what to make it out of I'd like to know.....or if you know what the cosplayer (Crystal Graziano) has on that'd help too xD
Thank you!!

Cosplayer reference: [URL=""][/URL]

Anime reference: [URL=""][/URL]
Anime reference: [URL=""][/URL]

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Look to dance suppliers for those sort-of-flesh-toned fabrics. It might be easier and cheaper to start with a leotard and alter it.

#3 fabrickind on 2 years ago

If I have some time after work I might dig around more and try to identify something similar for you, but here's what I've gathered from that photo:
- it appears to be a stretch fabric
- there is some heavier structure underneath (boobs don't do that in stretch fabric, and you can see the area under the belt where the front of the bustier attaches and that's clearly a stretch with no support)
- it has some kind of pearlized finish

The pearlized finish is the sticking point here -- I can find plenty of metallic purple, and mystique dot purple, and some wet-look purple, but I can't find anything that isn't SHINY or super shimmery that has that pearlized effect. It could be a vinyl, and that's something I haven't had time to search for yet (but now that I'm telling you, you can do that yourself I guess). It could also be latex, but from my cursory look before getting to work, it seems to have too many actual seams for that.

Regardless, if you want the shaping that the original reference has and that the cosplayer you posted has, you'll have to create a more structured garment and then use your decorative fabric on top, just as a finish. A leotard isn't going to do it for you here.

Have you tried asking the cosplayer what the fabric is? A lot of cosplayers are happy to help, so it's worth a shot at least. Or you can dig through their social media and see if there's any WIP posts that might help.