Touhou 2017

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#1 xxpixel777xx on 2 years ago

who are you cosplaying, and when? i think i'm gonna try to go as sumireko at least on the day the touhou panel's on. i would go as reisen, too, but i hate wigs more and more nowadays, bluh.

#2 Edgar Strife on 2 years ago

I'm most likely be brining an upgraded ver of my Tengu reporter Aya since las year miss the shoot. (Hope not to miss this year.) As to when it depends the time of the gathering and not conflicting with other events. Very excited and can't wait.

#3 Sunfloradesu on 2 years ago

I'm bringing my Meiling cosplay ^o^ And currently working on my husband's Patchouli~

#4 xxpixel777xx on 1 year ago

schedule's out, for anyone interested!
it... looks like there's no touhou panel this year, unless i'm mistaken? that really sucks. i see a listing for a touhou shoot saturday at 5, though...

also, i think i'm gonna just bring renko instead of sumireko. i'm not wearing a cape and long sleeves in 90+ degree weather lol

#5 Edgar Strife on 1 year ago

I think they might still be updating but I could wrong. I even notice list of shoots seems kinda small? Thank you for the update, definitely looking forward to it, will swing by as Aya.

#6 xxpixel777xx on 1 year ago

good news, the schedule updated and there will be a touhou panel after all : D
it's currently scheduled for friday at 3:15 but that's probably not final.

#7 magirific on 1 year ago

Bringing my bae utsuho to Otakon. Missing the cape and boots but will try and complete those by Katsucon 2018