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#1 NatsumeRyu on 3 years ago

Hey there! I like to open up commissions every year about this time, and in the past I've posted an ad to the marketplace to help get some exposure to folks looking for my skills.
I didn't realize this initially but the ads never go away (though it asks you to set an end date when you post it, or it used to), I can't figure out how to edit them (I would be happy to do that if I could), and there's a max of five per user (I've been posting one in the cosplay and props marketplace every time I reopened commissions so I'm maxxed out). I should probably also note that the website seems to be logging me out every other page or so, in case that's making the problem.

Thank you in advance! :)

Here's what I wanted to post:
It's that time of year again! I had to close commissions early last year to work on Caldarius, Rath, and Phoebe for the launch of Battleborn (Cal's first public appearance will be this weekend at AKon!), but now it's time to let you guys call the shots!

Do you need a pattern for armour?
Do you need armor built?
Want something comfy, flexible, and durable that looks like it's metal or otherwise rigid?

My work affords all of the above. I make the thing you need in the computer, in 3D around the measurements you give me to make patterns for what you need. I use various foams (though mostly 1/4" XLPE) that are spray latexed and hand painted to achieve any end goal. If you have a picture of it, I can make it.

I've made full rigs of robots and suits of armour all the way down to specific parts of a costume or props.
As long as you take care of the pieces in storage they should last you quite a while with only paint touch ups needed if a part experiences a lot of abrasion when worn (common in full suits).

Send a message on Facebook (NatsumeRyu) to get started! :)

RULES: Because I've been burned many a time in the past I'm afraid my rules will be a bit stricter this year.

1. I WILL NOT start building a costume until it is fully paid for; NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. I will only take one commission at a time, rather than have a line. I'll make an announcement on Facebook when I'm open to the next commission, and tell you when it's filled.
3. No changes to design after we leave the 3DCG phase. :D
4. Quotes are free, but depending on demand it may take some time for me to get you one. I put a lot of effort into making quotes as accurate as possible.

#2 Admin on 3 years ago

I removed your oldest ad, so that you can post a new one. For the login/out issue, make sure you have "Remember me" checked when logging into the site. If it continues, log out of the site completely, delete your site cookie, and log back in with "Remember me" checked.

#3 NatsumeRyu on 3 years ago

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :)
Is there anything I can do in the future to keep my ads from being around forever? I'd like to keep the information up to date so folks don't contact me with expectations from a few years ago. :o)

#4 Admin on 3 years ago

On the "Edit Ad" page (which you should see toward the bottom of your ad, as an Edit icon) there should be a checkbox option during the edit to delete the ad entirely. If it's not there let me know.

#5 NatsumeRyu on 3 years ago

A-ha! There's it is! Thank you!~