Osomatsu San!

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#1 Loser-Matsu on 2 years ago

I loooove Osomatsu san and I cosplay Karamatsu mainly!

I also have been trying to form an Osomatsu san cosplay group that lives in Texas hopefully the DFW area because I plan on going to Anime North Texas this November and I really wanna cosplay Osomatsu san with a group and then hopefully other animes!

But yea this is for other cosplayers to find each other and find others who like Osomatsu san cause I LOVE this show

#2 Angelx624 on 2 years ago

I plan to cosplay Ichimatsu later this year!! I just need to find a purple hoodie and then add the green emblem on it. x3 Then I need to make/get his mask! <3

Oh, and eventually I'll get his kitty, too! XD I'm gonna look this week for a purple hoodie. C:

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