Cloak/cape outfits?

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#1 MilkCoffee on 3 years ago

I have been dreaming to make a cloak outfit for little over a year, but the character list isn't very big.
Sure there are many characters wearing capes, but what im looking for is more of a heavy/styrdy fabric than accessory that is the size of a napkin... If that makes any sense? :confused:

Here is the (sadly short) list so far:
Lord of the rings - Frodo
Final fantasy XIII - that mostly white cloak/robe Purge victims wear
RWBY (vol. 4) - Ruby
Game of thrones - couple of outfits when Sansa has a cloak
Marvel - Doctor strange

Doesn't matter where the character/outfit is from, anime/comics/movie&tv/video games/books. Every suggestion is more than welcome :heart:

#2 Chiagirl on 3 years ago

I know this is an old post but Skadi and Ullr from Smite are both characters with heavier cloaks:



Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia also has a heavier cloak as well:


As does Feathor from Soul Set (farthest right):


And Yuwan from Shadowverse:


#3 Scunosi on 3 years ago

There's tons of options for characters with capes, almost any IP is going to have someone that fits your search, so I'd try to narrow it down more to what style cosplay you want to do (fantasy, sci-fi, etc) first.

To add to your list though there's tons of capes and cloaks in the Star Wars universe, the most obvious being [URL=""]Darth Vader[/URL] but in newer characters there's [URL=""]Captain Phasma[/URL]. The Fire Emblem games also have tons of characters with capes of varying sizes, but especially the big bads tend to have huge heavy cloaks like [URL=""]Zephiel[/URL], but honestly there's way too many to list here. If you're looking for something more superheroic honestly just pick one, a lot of superheroes have had capes at some point in their histories so even if their current design doesn't include it if you really like a specific one just research them a little bit and you may be able to find they had a cape design in the past.

So yeah, I know you're accepting all suggestions but there's honestly too many to list, so it'd be helpful if you included some preferences, or at least provide more specifics about the material you want to work with like color, weight, etc.