Elise de la Serre, Assassin's Creed: Unity wig

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#1 Black Blossom on 1 year ago


So for my Elise de la Serre cosplay, I was considering an Arda Wigs Ferrari or a Claudia, in Dark Copper Red. However, when I was browsing this colour in various lighting this colour looks more brownish than red. I also looked at Epic Cosplay's Hestia, in Burgundy as a secondary option and can also work, but the bangs aren't as long and the back isn't as long like the Claudia is.







Ultimately, I'm opting for the Claudia in Dark Copper Red to suit Elise's hairstyle and hair colour, but my worry is that I'll end up getting a mostly brownish wig instead of actual copper. So, would I be okay if I ordered said wig, instead of the Hestia?

Thanks in advance!

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