Colored Mascara to Match a Green Wig

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#1 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I'm finding I'm having a problem finding something I thought would be a little easier to find, especially this time of year. I did a cosplay with a bright green wig recently and the next time I wear it I'd love to have matching green eyelashes, especially since I go to the trouble of coloring my eyebrows (still love the Elmer's glue method I first learned about here).

So far I've found a couple of colors in a few stores, but green has eluded me. Closest thing I found was a teal at a Halloween pop-up store. Sephora has a couple of colors but only blue and purple I was told. A quick online search found one brand, I think NYX? But I've never seen them sold in a store. Even falsies have been hard to find in green unless I want some that look like they're made of aluminum.

Is there a trick I could use to make something myself to color my eyelashes? Or is there a specific physical store I could visit that should have them? I could try ordering online but I always prefer buying in-person rather than waiting for shipping and trying new brands sight unseen.

#2 PSY-chan on 3 years ago

I think Wet n Wild just released some colored mascaras for the Halloween season, if that's an option, and NYX has a pastel green mascara. Another option is applying cream shadow or gel liner to your lashes with a spoolie brush or mascara fan brush; Inglot has two shades of green gel liner. Sorry I can't offer more suggestions!

#3 ThakYuki on 3 years ago

I've seen the NYX colored mascara at some Ulta stores, so you might want to check there if there's one nearby. Here's the product page so you can see if stores near you have it in stock: [url][/url]

#4 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I've got a Ulta near me I can check, and I see Wet n' Wild is carried at some nearby stores as well so I'll do some more searching. If I find them I'll get it but I'm kind of surprised the green is so pastel/seafoam instead of something bolder, especially since it's Halloween, but I'll manage. I don't want to have to buy a bunch of other supplies to fake it myself. Thanks guys!

#5 ThakYuki on 3 years ago

You should be able to input your zip code and click "find in store" and then click "check availability" for the stores near you (why are there so many buttons just to check local stock?). You'd think Nyx would have more colors, heck, the vivid brights eyeliners they have come in a light green and a dark green.

#6 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Have you tried etsy? I got my green eyeliner and lipstick from some seller on their.

#7 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Well Ulta was kind of a bust. The only green Nyx had was this pastel Easter green (the whole line was pastels). They did have plenty of green eyeliner surprisingly in multiple brands, but no mascara to go with. And since I'm terrible at applying liquid eyeliner I gave that a pass.

I did pick up some green bobby pins though that'll blend in better next time I wear the wig. I actually may intentionally not use them on Halloween though as it only came with 12 (and even though 3 diff shades of green) and I don't want to lose them.

My local Walgreen's also decided to order everything for the Wet n' Wild costume sets except the colored mascaras.

[QUOTE=xIkuna;5042807]Have you tried etsy? I got my green eyeliner and lipstick from some seller on their.[/QUOTE]
I hadn't thought to check, I guess you can have homemade makeup. I may look in the future but for now I'm not going to sweat it for Halloween any more, most at the bars wouldn't have the capacity to appreciate it anyway. :P

#8 DlGlT on 3 years ago

Maybellene has a "green with envy" line.

You'll have to google for pictures, though

#9 Pikawhoboy on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=DlGlT;5042925]Maybellene has a "green with envy" line.

You'll have to google for pictures, though[/QUOTE]

100% Agreed. I second this.

#10 Scunosi on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=DlGlT;5042925]Maybellene has a "green with envy" line.

You'll have to google for pictures, though[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Pikawhoboy;5042933]100% Agreed. I second this.[/QUOTE]
I looked it up and it looks like a perfect color match practically. With no upcoming cons I'm not sure if I'll order any online right away but I'll definitely keep an eye out for this since it sounds like it's something they sell once a year.

Thanks everyone!

#11 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Just wanted to say I ended up walking right into something on a random visit to Walgreen's. I found [URL=""]this [/URL]from some brand I'm not familiar with and while it's intended to be used for ombre effects I can just not use the black end if I want. It actually looks like it should be a really nice color so I'll try it on soon to test it. Sure felt like a "d'oh" kind of moment when I noticed it though.

#12 DlGlT on 3 years ago

please post pictures when you can! I know im curious on how it will look.

#13 PSY-chan on 3 years ago

Nice find! Depending on how dark green that mascara is, you may need a white base (like a mascara primer) for the color to really pop.

#14 Scunosi on 3 years ago

For posterity's sake wanted to post an update. I tried out the "Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Lash Ombre Mascara" and it was basically as bad as the reviews say. Very dry and crummy, felt like I kept having to wet the brush to get any kind of result. You can kind of see it if my lashes are at an angle but I just couldn't get it to show up in photos at all rendering it pretty much pointless. I do have dark eyelashes which probably isn't helping but unless there's some kind of pre-mascara lightener that's not something I can change. Since I've got it I may as well finish it off to get some use out of it but it's definitely not eye-poppingly green or anything.

#15 micro-babe on 3 years ago

A lot of mascaras have primers and a lot of companies make separate primers that are already white. Aside from the ones you can find at any old drug store (they usually come dual ended--one side is the white primer and the other side is the actual mascara), Wet n Wild and NYX both make one.