Normal Prosthetic Ears?

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#1 ManneQuinn on 3 years ago

So I've ended up with a problem that is the opposite to the usual prosthetic ear problem, which is finding normal ear tips. Nothing pointy, disproportionately large, or anything like that.
I'm looking for these because I'm getting my ears surgically pointed early next year and I'd like to cover them if I'm cosplaying a human character, as it would look a little odd and out of place if everything was accurate apart from the ears. Mainly because I think people would just assume that I've shoved on some elf ears just for the fun of it and not realise that they are my real ears.
Basically, I'm asking if anyone knows anywhere that sells them, or if anyone has any recommendations or experience with commissioners or shops that take custom orders that would be able to create normal ear tips.

#2 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I'm not familiar with any regular ones that aren't altered in some way, like jumbo-sized. You may just have to make your own now while you still have your regular ears to make a mold off of. I'd just use the tutorials for making your own elf ears you can find online. Though make sure you enlarge them at least a little bit to cover how far out your new tips are going to be.