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#1 lamwilton on 4 years ago

Bought new Canon 70D for selfieing while cosplaying
I only know little about photography
Are there ways to make it look better?
What kind of flash should I buy? Can I just use the oncamera flash?

#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

You've got the right idea when it comes to pose variation, so that's a good start! Your lighting isn't anything particularly special, but in photos 3-5, it works to show off the true colors and highlight your face. That's good for now.

There's a lot of clutter in your backgrounds-- clear that up, or zoom in to hide it! You also want to avoid objects that go "through" your head. That poster (periodic table?) is a massive distraction from your lovely wig and makeup.

Composition is important. All of these shots feel very similar. They're taken straight on, with you in the center doing your pose, from the same level. Move your camera around to change the perspective. Prop it up on a pile of books, tilt the front up with a slanted binder, shoot from the side instead of directly on. Variance like that will give you a much wider variety of results with minimal effort from you.

I'd recommend reading up a little on composition, and this is a decent place to start: [url][/url] There are tons of articles out there online if you just search around!

#3 youta on 4 years ago

Lovely cosplay, I think you could make some wonderful pictures.

You don't need to spend any more money right now. As already mentioned, clean your backgrounds, make sure to avoid anything that might be distracting from the main subject (you!). Tighten the framing if you don't have much space to work with.

Forget the flash for now. A window on a cloudy day is a good start. Judging from the light gradient in your pictures I'd venture there was already a soft light coming in at a steep angle (you can see how the photo gets darker above your waist). Get closer to that window, always keep in mind where the light is coming from (if you have to kneel go for it, you can then show your entire costume even with tighter framing).


Keep at it, hope to see more from you! ^_^