AX 2017 Tenchi cosplayers

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#1 Altiryoko on 3 years ago

I know this is an old show and hardly that many people cosplay as a character from the Tenchi series these days, but I wanted to know if anyone was going to this year. This will be the first time I am attending this con and I was hoping to find some Tenchi fans there. People will be able to spot me as I will be a big Ryo-Ohki.

#2 Poody on 3 years ago

I won't be cosplaying from Tenchi but i'm a huge Tenchi fan!! So I'll be on the look out for your cosplay! Yaaaaaaaas!!!
Random but, I tired to suggest to the con a Tenchi concert/panel feat. Sharyn Scott and as usual, they had no response.....