Lisbeth cosplay (sword art online)

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#1 Ashton_Anchors on 4 years ago

I do not have any pics of the back, but I was wondering what you guys think of my cosplay. Also, if anything, what can I do to improve it? It was my first entirely made by me cosplay, so it isn't perfect, I know. Also, the wig wasn't entirely perfectly styled because I couldn't add in the flippy parts to the wig without showing mesh or it looking stupid. The same goes for the face framing parts.
I'm cosplaying Lisbeth from Sword Art Online, btw. [url][/url]

#2 ZanyGeek on 4 years ago

I'm not familiar with the character, but going by photos, it looks like you have all the basics there. It just needs some tailoring and some details. The red stripe on the apron, the arrows on the shoulders, and the white cover on the boots. Those wouldn't be too hard to add, but would help with accuracy. The two main things I would address on it would be to focus on the bib and go for something less wide at the top. Look at the armor versions of the character that have the white wrap around the upper body, even if you decide not to make it armor. The original also has a very clean, fitted look. The red doesn't bunch and her collars are higher and straight. If you want to really aim for accuracy, you should try to incorporate that feel into yours as well. That could be a challenge if the material you chose doesn't drape as cleanly. You might have to add some interfacing to give it some body and a more suitlike quality. But it looks like you still have some extra space in there that can be taken in a little bit without making it too tight and that would help to sharpen the overall. One small addition that could help is to add some shoudler pads to get cleaner lines on the top. You've got a great foundation going, now you just need to work on the little details to sell it.

#3 gypsy_girl on 4 years ago

For your first cosplay, you've done well. To get a more fitted feel, you were saying that the shoulders felt big, turn the garment inside out on yourself and pin where/how you want it to fit. Patterns rarely fit so there's usually adaptations that have to be made. By the looks of reference picture I've found I'd also recommend some under layers to make the skirt fuller. Petticoats, paniers, and crinolines and give a skirt more life.