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#1 macduff on 3 years ago

Room: HAVE
Type: double
Hotel: Hilton Anatole
Number of slots available: 3 for bed and 3 for floor
Dates: Check-in Thursday, Check-out Sunday
Price per person per night: Weekend: 110/Bed, 90/Floor (I always forget how parking works or is charged, but expect cash in hand for me if you want parking. ALSO I'm also considering wi-fi for the room if people are willing to chip in)
Payment types accepted: PayPal a week or two in advance if you are for sure going
Preferences: No Smoking, 21+ preferred (negotiable for 18+), gender inclusive, *very kinda sorta important* Tolerant of late night in/out of the room (speaking for my friends, not myself personally)

Things I should mention: I have 3 friends with me on the room share, so the aforementioned available spots are tentative.
We are all early to mid 20 males. Getting a spot on the bed means you have to be okay with sharing the bed with one other. We have had no problems in the past and intend to keep it that way.
Be mindful of everyone's personal property.
There will be some alcohol. Feel free to bring your own, but please don't go overboard on consumption.
We will have packs of bottled water.
If everyone is down, I'll throw a small pizza party on Day Zero to celebrate.

Any questions, feel free to ask me here, or add me on Facebook(dot)com / ErogeWBush

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