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#1 trishthebae on 2 years ago


He's definitely the trickiest one I'm probably going to work on before the con.

Initially my idea was to get a black turtlneck and a black meshed turtleneck and combining the two together; adding on a few black materials to fill in those unique details of the costume.

However if I use the mesh, my black binder will be easily seen through, which would kind of ruin the look of the outfit.

Does anyone have ideas or experience with this kind of costuming?

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

I'd personally do a nude fabric under the mesh to hide any binding. However black may still show through this depending on the density of the nude material.

#3 Arlette on 2 years ago

I'm actually looking for an alternative to mesh. I feel like the idea would come across without the costume actually being see-through on one side. Mesh is what I ordered, originally, but I am now trying to find something like this: [url]http://www.joann.com/performance-stretch-mesh-fabric-59-black/15132616.html#q=black+stretch&start=25[/url] in person, so I can actually see it and feel it. I can always come back to this thread (if I remember) if I do find a good replacement.

::EDIT:: And if you can afford it, get a nude colored binder. Mine is pretty close to my skin tone, but it does still have clasps and stuff. Still, it will show less under stuff.

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