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#1 FaustPrime on 2 years ago

I feel like I'm at the point in my life where it's tough to maintain friendships - between friends changing/moving away and me working and not having a lot of exposure to new people. But! I love anime and enjoy cosplaying and go to AZ every year since 2012. I also play video games (hi FF players) and partake in general geek culture. I'm a bit shy at first, but open up especially around those with similar interests. 31 year old Japanophile here, college educated, and can talk about most anything once I'm comfortable. I'm a quality over quantity type guy.

I'm trying to find a cool person or two (ideally a couple?) to hang out with both at AZ and during the rest of the year too. Maybe even other cons! I live in Charlotte so it'd be nice if you were too or close by. Also looking for potential roomie(s) for AZ - boyfriend and I have a two double bed room reserved at the Marriott.

Maybe you're in a similar situation and looking for another person in your circle to do geeky stuff with. Let's chat; what's your favorite anime and con activity? PM me on here if you don't want to respond to the post publicly.

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