2 Dragon Con Vip Passes Raffled For 5.00 At The Atlanta Comic Convention Aug 14th..

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#1 tarstarkus on 4 years ago

Dragon Con is one of the Greatest Conventions in the U.S.! Atlanta is truly lucky to have such an Amazing Event IN our City! San Diego, New York, Chicago..We have seen them ALL and NOTHING compares to the Dragon Con Experience! NOTHING! EVERYONE should go to Dragon Con just ONCE. . .so

The Atlanta Comic Convention has purchased 2 DRAGON CON VIP PASSES (a 300.00 value) TO GIVEAWAY AT OUR AUGUST 14TH SHOW!
THE NEXT ATLANTA COMIC CONVENTION is Sunday August 14th, 2016 .The Marriott Hotel-Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd, Atlanta , Ga. 30345 (I-85 Exit #91) 11:00am to 5:00pm. FREE PARKING & FREE AUTOGRAPHS from our Guests! Admission is only 5.00. . .If you wear an Atlanta Comic Convention T-Shirt from one of our earlier shows. . .You can get in for only 3.00!!

Hey..have you ever said " I would LOVE to go to DRAGONCON ...But, I just can't afford it! " Well how about getting TWO VIP PASSES to DRAGON CON FOR only 5.00..for BOTH PASSES ( a 300.00 value)!!!! ..Here is how that is going to work..
The easiest and fastest way to enter the contest is . . . Fill out the coupon on the website


. . .. Bring it to the show . . ..OR you can Fill out a form AT the show, ...Pay the 5.00 Admission Price . We will then give you a ticket, the matching ticket goes into a box, and , at 3:00 PM , one of our Guests will draw out a ticket ... We will announce the number that is drawn from the box. . .If YOUR number matches the number on the ticket that is drawn....YOU WIN 2 DRAGON CON VIP PASSES!! Nothing EXTRA to buy. . . All you have to do is pay the 5.00 at the door for OUR show , and sign up for the Drawing for the Dragon Con VIP Passes!

PLUS. . .

We have a GREAT Guest Line-up for the show.

Dean Motter
Mr Motter is the true Jack-of-all -trades. He does literally EVERYTHING that has to do with Pop Culture. . .He draws Comics (Superman, Batman, Hellblazer) , he writes comics ( Star Wars, Wolverine, Spongebob, X-Men) , He creates his OWN comics (Mr. X, Terminal City)..He is an Award winning creator. . .Mr X was voted by Rolling Stone as one of the 50 Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels in History! And He was nominated for the Eisner Award for the modern comic book adaptations of Ray Bradbury's works, and was also nominated for both an Eisner AND a Harvey Award for his Terminal City series.
If THAT isn't enough, He also designed Hundreds of diverse album covers (Motorhead, Nylons, Triumph, Loverboy, and even Anne Murray ). He was nominated 6 times , and WON two JUNO Awards (the Canadian Grammy) for his album designs.
It is a true honor to have Mr. Motter as a guest for the show !!!! He will be signing any items you bring to him for Free! He WILL charge for items HE is selling at his table.

Robert Brown
Mr. Brown has illustrated such varied titles as The Insane Clown Posse, Megadeath , Mankind, Undertaker, Avengers, X-Men, Iron Fist, Inhumans, Spiderman, Daredevil, Ghost Rider . . .MORE! He will be signing any items you bring to him for Free! He WILL charge for items HE is selling at his table.

ALL MILITARY , POLICE, FIRE & RESCUE AND EMT WORKERS GET IN FOR FREE ( with ID) !!! THANKS to you ALL for your Service and Sacrifice to our Nation!

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