Katsucon 2018 Steven Universe Meetup & Photoshoot!

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#1 1JennyFan on 1 year ago

Bingo bongo! Once again it's time for the Steven Universe meetup/photoshoot fusions at Katsucon!

Currently we have three shoots planned:
UNOFFICIAL Friday Noon - 1 PM at the Fountains (shop side; we should have more free reign over time on this one)
OFFICIAL Saturday 1 PM - 2 PM at the Gazebo (I'm trying to get us a slot 30 minutes earlier than on the official schedule because we're honestly going to need it; if it can't be done we'll meet in an area close to the Gazebo, probably immediately to the left)
UNOFFICIAL Sunday 2 PM - 3 PM at the Fountains (side TBD)

What's the use of feeling blue? Come join your fellow gem (or human, or lion, or Lars...) and let's make the best fusion yet!


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