Changes To AX2018 Gathering Sites!

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#1 sickleweed on 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

There are a few changes to the gathering sites for AX2018. You can find the details [URL=""]HERE[/URL].

To sum up:

- Site 2 has been moved to the other side of West Hall on the stairs facing Chick Hearn Blvd (it was Site 3B this year)

- Site 3 has been shifted to the stairs to the left of where it usually is

- Site 6 is now much smaller, most of it will be occupied for con function so only a SINGLE small to medium gathering can be allowed in the area for now. AX staff will confirm this after LA Comic Con so if you plan to have a large gathering, it's best not to use site 6 for now.

- NEW SITE 9!! The stairwells under the building nest to the corner of 15th street and Figueroa is now available for gathering, along with the single stairs to the right those and the area of the street in front. Basically the area where at the end of the registration line. This is because the registration lines will be different next year and they will be closing 15th street to through traffic. Up to 3 small to medium gatherings or one single large gathering may take place in that area. But if you are a large gathering, please make it VERY clear so I don't overbook the site.

The biggest impact are to folks who wanted to use Sites 2, 3 and 6: I have contacted each of you to ask if you want to stay at the new location or move your site. Please check your Inbox if you are one of these folks!

I have updated the cosplay gathering schedule ([URL=""]HERE[/URL]) to reflect these changes.

For any questions, you can msg me on FB at [URL=""]Sickleweed AX[/URL].


#2 moonymonster on 3 years ago

I'm confused. Is Old Site 2 still at Site 2?

#3 monodistortion on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=moonymonster;5062820]I'm confused. Is Old Site 2 still at Site 2?[/QUOTE]

No, Site 2 used to be on the south side of Pico. Now it's a block north on the south side of Chick Hearn.

#4 Cyan Bloodbane on 2 years ago

Possible to get updated photos on Site 6, and the space that will be available?

#5 sickleweed on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=Cyan Bloodbane;5067328]Possible to get updated photos on Site 6, and the space that will be available?[/QUOTE]

You can view the space [URL=""]HERE[/URL], slide 6.