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#1 Senaru on 2 years ago

I'm selling off the wigs that I own, both new and used as I'm settling down and find myself lacking the time to cosplay anymore. I prefer to focus more on the family for the time being!

If you need additional pictures, let me know! A lot of these are heavily discounted since I prefer just getting rid of them. I'm willing to haggle a little bit but please be reasonable! [PAYPAL ONLY. I will be sending an Invoice as Goods/Service]

I do apologize for the quality as I was cleaning out in preparation of moving!

Platinum Blond (Epic Cosplay) Short Wig: [url]https://sta.sh/22ua6pho8cx?edit=1[/url] ($35 with shipping/tracking USPS)
** I bought this wig at Anime Expo with the intent of cosplaying a character out of Tales of Berseria. The planned never fell through and this is a brand new wig WITH tags; never worn.

Long Sky Blue Wig: [url]https://sta.sh/2z27r9vavtn?edit=1[/url] : ($30 with shipping/tracking USPS)
**This wig was originally used for my Azura Fire Emblem Fates. Only worn once at Anime Expo. Great Condition; braided to avoid tangle.

Various Wigs: [url]https://sta.sh/095vkkaxglt[/url] ($13 each with tracking)
* Honestly, not the best quality. Most of them were bought off ebay. Used for cosplays such as Gary from Ib, Konoha from Kagerou Project, and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria.
** The pony tail one is pure white, while the other two is gray, and silver (green sharpie highlights).

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