Merida, Long Black, Short Reds

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#1 RainKat on 2 years ago

I've decided to put these wigs up for sale because the cosplays fell through for them.

They've only been tried on once or twice and then put back in their bags. Flaws have been noted where applicable.

I ship from Canada/USA. Shipping in Canada will be about $12, and in the USA about $5-10 (depending on thickness of wig).

Any questions, please pm me!

[img][/img][/url] [img][/img]

Merida Wig. $15


Orange Bob wig. $10


Red Short wig. $10


Extra long black wig. 38-40" from crown of head! Needs a little TLC. $10.

I'm open to [U]reasonable[/U] offers if you purchase more than one wig.

Thank you!

#2 Angelx624 on 2 years ago

Aw man, I wish I had seen this back when you posted it! I would've totally bought Merida. :( But good luck with the sales!!