Adding colour to plastic but keeping it transparent

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#1 muckypup on 10 months ago

#2 Penlowe on 10 months ago

alcohol inks are essentially the same thing in a sharpie but in a spray bottle instead. find them in the scrap book or mixed media section of Michael's or Hobby Lobby

#3 nathancarter on 10 months ago

You might try a dye intended for synthetic fabrics. I've had good luck using iDye Poly to dye clear acrylic (plastic) sheets; you can get it at Joann's. Rit also makes a dye intended for synthetic fabrics, I bought some but haven't used it in this manner yet.

If it's still the same formulation as when I used it, the iDye comes with a pack of dye and a separate pack of accelerant. Without the accelerant, the dye will be very light and take effect slowly. After adding the accelerant, you get a deep color very fast.

Test on the scrap pieces left over from when you cut your spheres to shape.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 10 months ago

Both good suggestions, I will add they should still sell the paint for making fake stained glass (usually in the craft store aisles with the kids' crafts, they're supposed to tint clear plastic to make it look like glass). I used glass paint many moons ago to tint spheres and orbs. I recommend it only because it comes in a pretty small bottle and if you only need a tiny bit, it may be more cost-effective than other products.

That said, I've seen amazing things done with Jacquard poly dyes, alcohol inks, and so on, so really, these days you're not at a loss for a technique so long as you can find the product.

#5 muckypup on 10 months ago

Thanks all! I was just looking at videos of alcohol inks! I was just a little concered if it would pool as i’m coating the inside of a half-sphere.
I’ve just tried paint in pva glue/paint again after watching a tinted modge podge tutorial but was much more generous this time.

Theyve also started selling glass points at our version on the dollar store! So plenty of options if this attempt doesn’t go to plan.

Thanks for the great ideas!

#6 muckypup on 10 months ago

Can I just add, crafty failure is so much more bearable when you can satisfyingly peel PVA glue of everything afterwards! (fingers crossed for this attempt though!)

#7 CapsuleCorp on 10 months ago

The key to getting it to not pool is to be constantly rotating the object while waiting for the paint/ink/dye to catch and hold. It's annoying but it really works to get a nice smooth coating. At least, that's how it works when pouring something inside the hemisphere - any product that has to be swished around inside it has to be kept in motion until it genuinely starts to dry, in which case the best product is the one that dries the fastest. The dye methods might actually involve dipping the whole piece into the dye, so that would be different. Either way, when I did it I sat there watching TV while slowly rotating a plastic cup in my hand until the paint started to dry, and then set it upside down so that if any remaining paint pooled off, it pooled to the edges, not the center.

Peeling glue sounds fun though. :D

#8 muckypup on 10 months ago

I guess that i should slightly water the glue down then, as it doesn’t really run, just slightly merges.

As it stands, I’m giving it a B-. Coverage is better but it’s darker and less translucent than I initially hoped for. I’ll put it on a back burner and work on the rest of the costume, and try with alcohol ink if I have time at the end!