Steampunk Companion Cube Girl

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#1 CaiaWren on 3 years ago

Hello all, I am attempting to construct my first cosplay, and it's something that I haven't seen before: a steampunk companion cube girl. The most I could find on google as a reference was this: [url][/url]

So far I've been looking at corsets to help me decide the color scheme (copper/brass, brown leather, black/grey, combo? white/beige?) I was hoping to do all grey/black/white and a pink wig/goggles. But I do notice that there is more copper/brass coloring in steampunk costumes than antique silver. So I am worried it won't look steampunk enough with my planned color scheme, but I want to be recognized as a companion cube.

If anyone with experience making steampunk cosplays is willing to share some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)