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#16 Ayaka on 17 years ago

Forget even being on staff, you could just sit there and watch.
"There goes another one . . ."
"But it's only a super soakERRRRRRRR . . . . ~!!"
*PCHING!* (<-- the sound Team Rocket, or any other fast-moving person, makes when they vanish into the blue yonder)

I probably shouldn't joke, I may well be talking to "Convention Services" asking them if an inflatable guitar is a weapon, and if it's okay to hit people with it if I'm "in character" and they agree . . .

#17 Mei Lan Chang on 17 years ago

Wehelcome to the clan! I believe you will find your accomidations comfortable. If not, I can offer you a baby pink bunny to make everything better. ::proceeds to hold up a baby pink bunny:: So anywho, welcome aboard!

#18 Ali-kun on 17 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Philia Philis [/i]
BTW, I have now decided that I will get a sack and fill it with Peppermint Patties to give to people at A-kon. XD So everyone can come attack me for candy! (Erm, actually, saying "Hi, Erin. ^^" or something will get you one. You don't have to hurt me for them. XD) [/QUOTE]

If I come up to you multiple times in different costumes and you don't recognize me, is it cheating to get more than one candy? XD

#19 Philia Philis on 17 years ago



Well, it depends on if you can trick me into thinking you're a different person or not. XD

#20 Philia Philis on 17 years ago

Hmmmmm...... Well, maybe.... Act sad and pitiful and get me to feel sorry for you. That always works! ^^;;;; (ACK! I gave away my secret!)

You have an accent??? ^__^ Wai!

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