Characters with wine-colored hair

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#1 Maurishio-kun on 2 years ago

So I have this long wine-colored wig that I used this year to cosplay Riko from Love Live! Sunshine!!


I'm looking for other characters to cosplay with this same wig with but I can't find any, do you have any suggestion for me?

#2 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

I can't think of any character with that colour, but you can use it in place of dark brown/black hair. I think a lot of the time in anime they give the characters interesting colours just so everyone doesn't have plain black hair.

I have a wig that colour and I use it Hijikata. [url][/url]

#3 EXEC_HYMME_MACARON on 2 years ago

Try the animecharacterdatabase and under hair color select "maroon"

#4 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

A few characters that come to mind are Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica, Ezra Scarlet from Fairytale, Gou from Free! and Akiza Izinski from Yugioh! 5ds...however Kyoko has her hair in a ponytail and Akiza technically has short hair, the others you can wear as-is.
You could 'fake' a ponytail with a clip in ponytail from Arda or something like that, unless again you just want to wear the wig as-is.

#5 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3 has a very similar hair color.

#6 Angelx624 on 2 years ago

Rin from Free has hair that color, but his is short. :'D Maybe you could do a fem version?