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#1 Moosey_Fate13 on 2 years ago

Prices include shipping to the U.S. I accept PayPal only. If you have any questions, you can either message me through here or e-mail me at [email][email protected][/email]. Whichever way you contact me is fine, as I check both my e-mail and cosplay.com multiple times every day.

Arda's Caine in Titanium Blonde: $28
This is a brand new, never worn wig!. When I received it, it turned out to be lighter than what I was looking for, but I didn't want to bother returning it. It is very thick and, of course, heat resistant. Very nice wig! The color simply wasn't what I was hoping for.
Pics: [URL="https://imgur.com/a/4V7Gh"]https://imgur.com/a/4V7Gh[/URL]

Medium-length Pink Wig: $13
Worn once. I purchased this wig from animestuffstore, but I honestly can't remember the exact style. I believe the color is Cotton Candy Pink. Unsure if heat resistant. It's a tad thin in the back, but it helps if you wear a nude-colored wig cap with it. I have thick, dark brown hair, but I didn't have a huge problem with it.
Pics: [URL="https://imgur.com/a/oSIuQ"]https://imgur.com/a/oSIuQ[/URL]

Mecha Shonen Meister from TheFiveWits: $23
Worn once. Heat-resistant wig. The average fiber length is about 4 inches. I used this wig for Joseph Joestar. It's very thick and good for spiking.
Pics: [URL="https://imgur.com/a/w3kfs"]https://imgur.com/a/w3kfs[/URL]

Jean Kirschtein Wig: $15
Never worn. Two-toned wig for the character Jean Kirschtein from Attack on Titan. Purchased the wig from Fm-anime, but have since abandoned any plans to cosplay this character. Wig cap is a bit smaller than a wig from Arda or TheFiveWits, so you may have some trouble wearing it properly if you have long/thick hair or a larger sized head. The top color is sort of an ashy color rather than a light brown.
Pics: [URL="https://imgur.com/a/FTDSp"]https://imgur.com/a/FTDSp[/URL]

Thanks for looking! c:

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