Spot open in Gaylord room

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#1 aryancoconut on 1 year ago


My roommates and I are looking for a 6th and final person to join our room at the Gaylord (no going out in the cold!). It is a standard room with 2 doubles so 2 people will be on the floor (alternating definitely an option). The entire room is either cis female or nonbinary. We are NOT looking to have cis males in the room. Anyone else is welcome. Please be between the ages of 18 and 24 and provide yourself transportation, food, etc. Must be responsible and able to pay in full (by Feb. 12th) and follow any rules the room may have. Currently, the price for 6 people in the room is $134/person.

Please reply to this post on here or message me on instagram (@cryosoleil) if interested ^^

#2 Hiroto Sumi on 1 year ago

I'm interested! Sent a PM!