Cosplay Skit Help?

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#1 K8TheGr8 on 4 years ago

A group of six to eight cosplayers and I are looking for some help for our skit for Palm Springs Comic Con in August. We are dressing as the Robinsons family from Meet the Robinsons, but we have no idea what on Earth to do for our skit.

We know we want our theme to be "Keep Moving Forward," much like it is in the movie, and that we are considering doing a musical themed skit but aren't sure how we'd do it. As we want it to be funny as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

#2 Angelica Rascon on 4 years ago

Well u could have future Lucas create something that smoothens your voice and have his kids mess with his stuff and break it every time he fixes it but when he finally gets it u could have the family fight for it while Lucas is at work then when he gets back they all stop and break it right in front of him and they say keep moving forward plz don't get mad at us

I know it's cheesy but it's a small suggestion.