Anime North Dreams 2018

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#1 AJ the Collector on 1 year ago

Who's been having them? Good or bad or inbetween, tell everyone all about them here! I'm kinda surprised I didn't start this thread sooner, cause I had my first AN dream back in March.

It was a pretty damn cool one too. It was a variant on the annual dream where AN takes place in a strange and wonderful seaside location resembling the Spirited Away bathhouse, but this time the magic of Anime North turned the whole extended con area into a big Japanese-style village, with some of the roads now huge canals with wooden bridges arching over them. Instead of a weekend, the festivities were set to take place over a full week, and every night there was a fireworks display right after the Oda-esque sea beasts did their evening breaching. One of the guests was Markiplier, and me, my sister and a friend of hers got invited into his hotel room to watch the fireworks with him one night--when we got there, he greeted us with "Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to my hotel room!", and inside was just enough room for the four of us, with a little kitchen area, washroom, futon and space for his computer, with wall-size windows giving us a perfect view of the water and the shows.

Since then, I don't remember having any AN dreams, but with the con just a week away, I wonder if another might happen. Until then, I wanna hear everyone else's!

#2 Shimi on 1 year ago

I had a AN dream a few weeks back. I think I was cosplaying Leonardo Watch (Kekkai Sensen) and I can't remember what I was doing other than heading back to my hotel from a panel of some sort. It was in a place that kind of resembled Italy or France or something at night... Looked like Venice at sunset and it was warm, but it was definitely night time. There was a medieval-like feel to the place (with cloth banners hanging overhead) and the roadways were stone. There may have been a horse-drawn buggy/carriage that I passed bye at some point... Somewhere along the way my cosplay changed to a dress (think Alice), but it had changed back by the time I got to my hotel room where I met up with my friend Jyugo (Nanbaka) in the hotel. (and I probably switched perspectives (to Jyugo and back) at least once in there...) Aaaaand that's all I remember! ^_^" Oh, and my hotel room had a beautiful large mosaic glass window that still managed to let in enough sunlight to illuminate the whole room! Don't ask why it was sunny in my hotel room, but not on the street, lol...