Making a Hat that looks like a Colander

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#1 nicki_013 on 2 years ago

Hey! I've been trying to figure out how to make the hat that Elijah Wood wears in Back to the Future 2. It looks like a green colander with a spatula attached, but I can't find any that look like that anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice?


#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

This is a challenge.

I would probably use thin cardboard and a couple of hole punches (different sized holes) to get the brim. The crown of the hat/ bowl part you might actually find a little dish that shape. Then use fancy paint, might even require airbrushing, to get the final finish.

#3 becosplay on 2 years ago

I also see this as two parts; a brim and a crown. The crown remains me of a caddy used to wash, drain, and carry eating utensils. The holes being used to drain the water. In a similar vein there are shower/bath caddies.

#4 nicki_013 on 2 years ago

Thanks for the help! It's been hard to find things that look similar, so I will try and combine both suggestions )

#5 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

fly swatter?

i see the fork under the brim, but im not sure on the size being too big to have been a swatter
maybe a draining mat,

but id place bets on the fork having come from a fly swatter,
just cause it was probably the first thing handy when they made that prop