Thinking of cosplaying Haida (Aggretsuko)

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#1 NostalgiaShmltz on 2 years ago

So I recently acquired a real cute Retsuko plush from a local Round1, and it got me thinking of making my next cosplay Haida.

I've done a similar thing, making a Nick Wilde cosplay, though with Haida, I'm hitting a bit of a snag.

Nick has pretty distinct clothing, what with the green Hawaiian shirt and the red/blue striped tie, so a cosplay of him is easily recognizable.

Haida on the other hand, wears pretty generic "business casual" clothing, and doesn't really have any outstanding features other than his snaggletooth thing: [url][/url]

I suppose the setup would be similar to my Nick cosplay, just with different colors. Brown wig, dark brown/black wolf ears, brown wolf tail. Though I'm not sure how I would do the tooth thing. Likely something similar to fake plastic vampire teeth, that kind of thing, but just something that goes along my bottom inner lip and sticks those three teeth up?

#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Haida isn't a wolf, he's a [URL=""]hyena[/URL]. Not a huge difference for accessory purposes (it'd be a bigger deal if you were doing a whole fursuit or something), but they're not the same thing so it may alter what you're looking for. For ears it doesn't really matter but his tail would be a bit different from the usual wolf tails you'll find online.

For his teeth (which have an underbite, not snaggletooth) I think just doing lower "vampire" teeth would work fine. You'd likely need to get the singles since using just half of those "whole mouth" ones probably wouldn't stay in place. I would recommend doing your actual entire front row rather than just 3 though. I think they only animate with 3 for simplicity's sake due to the art style, it's his entire bottom row that's doing it. On the other hand you could get a bit of that sloppy/uneven look by only doing some if that's more how you view the character.

To help with recognition maybe bring a black leather/similar material jacket to wear over his business clothes? Or a prop guitar or something, I think you could maybe even find old Guitar Hero guitars that look like his model.