Eyeshadow over body paint?

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#1 KuruttaKanashii on 2 years ago

I'd like to use some eyeshadow over my white Mehron Paradise AQ bodypaint, both for contouring and for beauty makeup. I'm having trouble with it not sticking, so I'll wind up with only the faintest hint of the color I'm trying to apply. It's happened with a few different brands of eyeshadow, too. Any advice on something to help it stick?

#2 loz64 on 2 years ago

Are you using a primer under everything?

Also, try sealing your body paint before applying the eyeshadow.

#3 Scunosi on 2 years ago

I'm not sure what to advise, as the times I did body paint for Amethyst I was able to use eye shadow for eyes and contouring just fine and I was also using a water-activated paint. I didn't use a primer and only sealed after all my makeup was done. Maybe it's just drying too fast, have you tried just using a little more water for more blend time?

Or I guess if you're wanting to put it on "over" the body paint once that dries, it could be an issue of it not sticking to a non-skin surface. I'd imagine the body paint isn't as porous as actual skin (though certainly more porous than regular paint) so maybe the sealing suggestion would help.

#4 Sweet Loretta on 2 years ago

You do not need a primer under body paint. And the fixing spray or barrier spray over is not going to help the shadow stick. If fact it pay make it stick less.

Really shimmer powders like Mehron's usually stick ok over Paradise face paint. And some quality shadows do stick, but not all. You may need a creamer eyeshadow (semi-moist).

Most body painters will use face and body paint dry brushed as the shadow for contouring.

Paradise is a semi-moist cake. You can simply dry brush it on or with a very slightly moist brush. I like to swipe my brush across the cake then wipe the brush off, so I have only a hint of makeup there. A good blending brush will help.

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