SMT / Persona / Catherine shoots at Otakon 2018

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#1 rpgmaster2378 on 10 months ago

Hi there!

((Edited/As of 8/9/2018:))

The Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and Catherine cosplayers will again conduct several photoshoots again over the course of the 25th Otakon / Otakon 2018. All SMT/Persona/Catherine cosplayers, fans, and photographers are again invited to attend/participate our photoshoots. As tradition, we will have an official photoshoot in the afternoon and two unofficial shoots late at night throughout the course of Otakon 2018.

Facebook event link: [url][/url]

Our official photoshoot is Saturday afternoon, from 12-1 PM, in the Hall E Concourse (Photoshoot Location 2). [url][/url] also at: [url][/url]

The two unofficial photoshoots that will not appear on the con schedule will take place at 11:59 PM both on Friday night and on Saturday night. Yes, after a slight change/break in tradition that was made at Otakon 2017, the late night SMT/Persona/Catherine photoshoots at Otakon are again "Midnight" shoots for Otakon 2018. We will be meeting at Photoshoot Location 1 (second floor outside of LARP & Panel 1/Rooms 201 & 202). The 'midnight' shoots are NOT in the same location of the 11 PM shoots we held at Otakon 2017 due to safety reasons (I checked with the con first).

Hope to see all of the great/new/returning SMT/Persona/Catherine cosplayers-fans at the shoots/gatherings this year at Otakon.

**IMPORTANT: The "Persona 5" photoshoot Saturday from 3:00-4:00 PM at Photoshoot 2 is being organized/run by a different cosplayer/individual not affiliated with myself/the particular group-collective of SMT/Persona/Catherine cosplayers that have been conducting the Persona photoshoots at Otakon (and various other cons) for several years. Persona 5 cosplayers are still welcome to attend our 12-1 PM Saturday shoot; as well as the "Persona 5" specific shoot later that afternoon. Here is the Facebook event page for the Persona 5 specific shoot: [url][/url]