Ensemble Stars ALA gathering for 2017

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#1 greenblueblack on 3 years ago

Gathering Name: Ensemble Stars at ALA 2017
Date: 1/28/17
Site: 3
Time: 4-4:20 pm
Facebook link: [url]https://www.facebook.com/events/1065629913535458/[/url]

Please tell me if I am doing the submission wrong or posting in the wrong area. I haven't used a forum in a long time so I am trying to break out of my comfort zone.

So as some people know, Ensemble Stars will be getting an anime sometimes in January of next year. I wonder if anyone would be interested in helping me host a fan gathering to celebrate said anime as well as finding other fans of Ensemble Stars in southern California. It is my first time hosting an event. I get overwhelmed by large groups so I would not mind a small gathering if people just want to find like minded folks who like the game and spin offs.

#2 suzudesu on 3 years ago

If my Knights group comes through, we would love to come to the gathering!

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