What's everyone working on??

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#1 Angelx624 on 1 year ago

I thought I would make a thread in here for everyone to share what they're currently working on. I'd love to see everyone's progress! :D

Right now I'm working on Boi from Zyuranger. ^^ Planning on debuting him at Sac-Anime in about a month! I posted some of my progress over on my tumblr:


#2 Jyrotika on 1 year ago

Might be about to start a Kamen Rider suit for my bf. I don't think he's decided yet. He keeps telling me "any of them!" when I ask which one he wants... I think if he's not more excited about one suit than the others, he won't be happy with that suit. And so I wait...

#3 Hoshi26 on 1 year ago

Just finished Riku Asakura from Ultraman Geed! I'll try him on tomorrow, then I'm wearing him to a con next week!

#4 Jyrotika on 1 year ago

[QUOTE=Hoshi26;5064010]Just finished Riku Asakura from Ultraman Geed! I'll try him on tomorrow, then I'm wearing him to a con next week![/QUOTE]

That's awesome, post pics! c:
It turns out that instead of doing a Kamen Rider suit, I'm going to be making a Gundam statue as signage for a model competition I'm volunteering with. It should be interesting...

#5 Lost Cause on 1 year ago

It's on the back burner right now, but I was neck-deep in the maths for all the diamonds on an AbareYellow suit.

#6 Jyrotika on 1 year ago

My bf finally decided on the G3X armor from Kamen Rider Agito. It's gonna be quite the project! :D

#7 Hoshi26 on 11 months ago


Here I am in my Riku Asakura cosplay! I am also starting to put together a Sento Kiryu cosplay for Otakon, and the Driver just shipped today!

#8 Angelx624 on 11 months ago

Ah, hello guys! ;u;

Hoshi, that looks great! :3

Boi was on the back burner for quite some time, but I've slowly made more progress. I'm not entirely sure yet but if I can have him done soon I might wear him to a con at the end of the month... :x Or a gathering coming up, who knows. ;_;

#9 loz64 on 11 months ago

Oops! Didn't mean to post here. Carry on!

#10 Lost Cause on 10 months ago

Got talked into a Zyuoh Tiger cosplay. This should be fun.

#11 Lost Cause on 9 months ago

[URL="https://i.imgur.com/Uzr8MO1.jpg"]Well, my ZyuohTiger suit arrived.[/URL]

The tiger print is too big and the skirt wasn't hemmed.

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